Tara strongly recognizes that government is about responsible stewardship of public resources. The “Veer for Red Deer” Mayoral Campaign will likewise demonstrate responsible stewardship of all financial donations that are entrusted to it. Further to this commitment to responsible financial stewardship, Tara is personally committed to complying in letter & intent with all provisions within the Provincial Local Authorities Election Act.

Campaign donations are received in order to help Tara be successful in her community bid to renew her mandate as your Mayor. Should Red Deerians choose Tara as their next Mayor, financial support received from individuals, companies or other entities will not influence Tara's future Council decisions with respect to the respective individuals, companies or other entities. Tara will continue to make sound decisions on behalf of the people she represents regardless of financial campaign support.

Tara appreciates that everyone’s ability to give varies, so please know that donations of all amounts are welcome and support the vision of the “Veer for Red Deer” Mayoral Campaign. If you are not in a position to support the campaign financially, your endorsement of Tara in the community and other forms of volunteerism are a welcome means of support as well.

Please note that municipal election candidates are unable to issue receipts for political tax credit purposes.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Contact Tara at:

P - 403.358.3568
E - tara(at)